Post Defense…Where art thou?

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Knicks

Ronny Turiaf

Growing up, we used to call it “big man camp”. It’s where we sent all of the young guys who matured early and were over 6 foot by age 13. You were taught the basics of post defense and post offense, basically everything the Knicks DON’T do. The Knicks are a good shot blocking team, but that’s because they take chances on the defensive end and get pushed so deep on the blocks that they have no other choice but to contest the shot. So what does this Knick team need to do?

1. Better Post D From Amare– Stat is extremely talented and athletic, but he still has so much to improve on defensively. Almost always outmatched in terms of height and size on the defensive end, Amare is FAMOUS for allowing the bigger/stronger center to push him deep on the blocks to the point where he’s underneath the basket. He needs to stand his ground and fight for position. Every game Amare gets taken advantage of down low.

2. Deny the entry pass– It’s just way too easy for these teams to get the ball down low against NY. There’s is no ball denial. It’s something that is so simple and can pay dividends for a team with little size like the Knicks.

3. Play Turiaf– Okay, we all know D-Antoni loves stickin’ guys in the doghouse, but there is no excuse not to be playing Turiaf 30+ minutes a game if he’s healthy. The guy plays his heart out defensively, is more athletic than he looks offensively, and is a monster shot blocker. He always finds a way to avoid fouling while going for the block. The difference between his shotblocking and Amare’s is that Ronny doesn’t sacrifice position while going for blocks. Keep this guy in the game.

Looks like the Knicks need to go to big man camp…


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