D’Antoni: In or Out?

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Knicks

Mike D'Antoni

Mike D’Antoni is known for his “7 Seconds or Less” Offense which typically results in a high powered offense generated by outside shooting. From the mouth of Pat Riley (love him or hate him) “The 3 is fools gold”. How many times have we seen the Knicks die by the 3 the past few years? Even more so this year, how many times have we lost games in the 4th quarter because of nonexistent defense and bad shots? It’s a formula that has not ever won a championship in the history of the NBA… fact.

With that said, is D’Antoni the man for the job? It doesn’t matter if the Knicks can consistently put up 120+ points per game if they let a team ranked 29th in scoring score more than that. The Knicks need to be able to incorporate defense into their gameplay. Stars are going to have their 25-30ppg against NY; that’s what stars do. However, teams like the Bucks and Bobcats with zero star-power should not be scoring 100+ points against the Knicks.

Jeff Van Gundy, Byron Scott, even Kelly Tripucka for God’s sake… please help NY!


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