“The Trade” in Hindsight

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Knicks

Don’t be a flip flopper-

You knew what we were giving up, and you knew what we would be getting. You knew we’d have a problem defending the younger point guards, and you knew we’d have a problem defending any 7 footer in the league. You knew we’d have a limited bench, and you knew each game would rely on star power. Yes… I’m talking to you Carmelo.

I’m not going to lie, as soon as the trade happened I was a bit uneasy, but after 24 hours of taking it all in, I came to the decision it was the right move for the long run… and I STILL feel that way. I still have this “uneasy” feeling though. It’s the same feeling I had about not resigning David Lee, and a similar feeling to letting go of Zeebo and Crawford for Tim Thomas and Cuttino “the tin-man” Mobley (substantially over .500 at the time of that trade). Every time we had a little something going, we made a move that moved us a step backwards.

So the question is, “Melo- if you knew all of the above, all of the implications of your actions, why not wait out the year and come to NY in free agency?” Money. Why make it easier on yourself [Melo], when you could make it incredibly difficult to build up a bench that may not be able to be put together in another 3 years? It’s funny. The cynics say “It doesn’t matter because you couldn’t afford to resign Gallo, Chandler, and/or Felton anyway.” Although it may be true, who says we’ll even be able to resign Shawne Williams next year?  I’ve actually learned to love Shawne on this team for his outside shooting, tenacious D and no bull**** attitude, I have to put my faith in my top 10 draft pick Gallo or my  stud Small Forward Chandler who had a career-best first half of a season.

So where does that leave us? Greed. Melo knew the struggles he was going to face if he signed with NY and emptied their roster, but he just couldn’t bare the thought of losing $$$ in salary form. Melo, you’re in the mecca of basketball playing for the world’s highest valued basketball franchise… who are you kidding, you weren’t going to lose a dime. Greed.


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