Raise Your Glasses!

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Knicks

I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the Knicks first time clinching the playoffs before season’s end since 2004 or that we finally beat the Cavs this season (1 out of 4)… anyways, it’s time to celebrate! So there’s nothing really “sexy” about being a 7 seed in the Eastern Conference, but it’s surely better than being the NETS who were in the same position with cap space at the end of last season and still couldn’t make the right moves to excel this year (props to the NY front office). New York fans, let’s see what we’re up against first round of the playoffs…

With the leaders of the Eastern Conference in tight contention with each other, the 2 seed could be either Chicago, Miami (currently), or Boston. So who do us Knicks fans want to see in the first round?

  1. Chicago- Chicago is playing their best basketball as of late, with Derek Rose getting MVP chants almost as often as Lebron is getting Delonte West chants. Granted the Knicks have had Chicago’s number this season with a few wins against them, each of those wins Chicago was either missing Noah or Boozer, so we need to put a little asterisk next to those wins before we start praying for Chicago to slip into the 2 seed
  2. Miami- Let’s face it, they’re the most dangerous team in the league. Whether you like them or not (in my case, NOT), they can blow out any team on any given night. Remember, we’re not talking about a single game here… we’re talking about a 7 game series. The Knicks and the Heat [now] are actually very similar teams in that they are inconsistent in their play, with the end result dependent upon their starpower. Could this be New York’s best bet to make it past the First Round… MAYBE.
  3. Boston- Boston is that team: the team that has New York figured out, the team that will hit that buzzer beater 9/10 times against NY, the team that is more mentally tough than NY, and the team that NY does NOT want to play in a 7 game series. If Boston is healthy, I would rather play ANY other team in the East besides Boston. Boston is the Kryptonite to NY, the John McEnroe to Bjorn Borg, and the Robert Horry of… well, any team he played against in the playoffs throughout his career.

Some of you may go with option 4 and say “who cares, we’re not going anywhere this year”. Well my friends, those of you who picked option 4 probably  have not been true Knicks fans before getting Carmelo and have not endured the pain of watching Jerome James sit on the bench for $7.5 million a year for 4 years. With that said… quack…..quack….quack…quack..quack…GOOOO KNICKS! (Mighty Ducks reference?)


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