Carmelo… The A-Rod of the Garden

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Knicks

Carmelo Anthony

You like the trade, you hate the trade, you like the trade, you hate the trade…. YOU LOVE THE TRADE! Carmelo is on fire right now. Knicks fans are lovin’ him, and it looks as though things could be starting to fall into place for this team. I can’t help but to compare the current state of this team to how the Yankees were when they acquired Alex Rodriguez. The days where he went 0-5 or went down on strikes with runners in scoring position, New York fans ripped him apart more than any other athlete in my lifetime. BUT, the days where there were multiple “A-BOMBS… FROM A-ROD” (the voice of Michael Kay), Yankee fans kissed the ground he walked on. Same goes for Melo. When he’s performing, NY loves him. When he’s underperforming and giving up back to back offensive fouls to lose the 3rd game in a row to the abysmal Cleveland Cavaliers, Knick fans want his head on a stick. Let’s cut the guy a break… he’s human.

On the bright side, we got the #6 spot in sight, Billups made it public that he wants to be a Knicks again next year, Dolan said next year Donnie Walsh can stay if he wants, and we got see the UPS man last game (Derrick Brown)… “What can Brown do for you?” RT Tina Cervasio

Derrick Brown, Tina Cervasio RT


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