D’Antoni Must Go

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Knicks

I really wanted to write a post after Game 2 between the Knicks and Celtics, but I was too irate and frustrated to write something of value. So instead, this post will go through the reasons why D’Antoni needs to go.

Lack of Communication– In all my years of watching the Knicks and NBA basketball, I’ve never seen so many instances where players don’t know how many timeouts they have, fouls to give, or what the play is out of a timeout (regardless if it’s a good play or not) as I have with this coaching staff. D’Antoni’s lack of coach-to-player communication shows through especially in the last few minutes of games, which costs them in the end.

End of Game Execution– Specifically in Game 2 I had a big problem with the last sequence of plays to end the game, on both the defensive and offensive ends. It proved 3 things to me: 1. D’Antoni does not know his roster, 2. D’Antoni does not have a superior basketball mind, and 3. D’Antoni is incapable of communicating strategy to his team. Someone please tell me why Jared Jeffries is the “go-to” guy for the last offensive play of the game? Carmelo wanted to get the ball on the right side, knew he was going to get double teamed, so why was Jared Jeffries lined up on the right side? Why was he even on the court and Shawne Williams on the bench? Jeffries doesn’t have a confident bone in his body, and he’s perhaps one of the worst offensive players in the league. Again, this is NOT Jared’s fault. D’Antoni should have subbed him out after Boston’s timeout was called.

Cannot run a Defense– The Knicks have played some pretty darn good defense this series thus far, but it’s because of the effort the players are giving, not the coaching. How does D’Antoni not make an adjustment when Rondo was first taking over the game in the first quarter? Instead, he left Tony Douglas in the game with 2 fouls who let Rondo waltz to the basket each and every play. Reader, I’m asking you this, would you rather have Garnett take a 3 ft jump shot over Jared Jeffries or Delonte West take a 20ft jumper with the game on the line? Why not one of the guards on the perimeter double Garnett and force him to pass off? I’d much rather have West take the final shot of the game than any of the big 3. Coaching mistake! Also, the last play of the game with Boston inbounding with 4.6 seconds left, why are we NOT defending the inbounds pass??? You always defend the inbounds pass to possibly force a turnover or a 5-second violation. There is nothing good coming from not defending the inbounded and double teaming the post instead. Finally, how do you not tell your team to foul immediately when the ball is inbounded? This is just plain stupidity, nothing more, nothing less.

With that said, the Knicks need to look for an alternative coach. With Rick Adelman on the market now, the Knicks should look into him as a possible candidate. Adelman is one of the best basketball minds in history, and his system a few years ago on Sacramento with Chris Webber and that team would be a fantastic fit for NY.


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