Knicks Offseason News

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Knicks


It’s been a while since my last post, partially due to my refusal to write about the success of the Miami Heat (series tied 2-2 at the moment). After the news this week concerning the departure of Donnie Walsh and some other developing stories, it was time for a post.

  1. Donnie Walsh stepping down as Knicks President was not what I expected to happen. After making two of the biggest trades in Knicks history in the same season and getting the Knicks to the playoffs for the first time in years, it was SHOCKING to hear of his departure. I knew Walsh never really got along with Dolan (and Isiah), but I truly thought D’Antoni would be gone before Walsh. Now that D’Antoni’s only real ally in the organization is gone, it’s becoming more and more possible for D’Antoni to leave NY after his contract is up. He may go for the Toronto coaching position as was reported this week.
  2. The draft is coming up, and there hasn’t been too much going on as of yet. I continue to hear reports of Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette working out with several teams, and supposedly the Knicks are very interested in Jimmer. Walker was also quoted after winning the 2011 NCAA Championship that he would love to be able to play with his idol Carmelo Anthony. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t bet that either of those players are around for the 17th pick. Walker is projected to be the 7th pick in the draft and Fredette is projected to go 12th. The Knicks with the 17th pick are projected to get Chris Singleton, another 6’9” SF/PF. Drafting a PG or a Center would be ideal to backup Billups and relieve the pressure from Tony Douglas who’s not a true point guard.
  3. Samuel Dalembert is a player I would not be surprised to see the Knicks go after. He’s been healthy for the extent of his career, and with the loss of Mozgov, the Knicks could use some more length. Even the loss of Gallinari hurt the length of this team, but the addition of Jared Jeffries gave back a little. Dalembert is a defensive center and a good shot blocker, one that the Knicks could get affordably.
Updates will be coming more frequently as the draft gets closer. Until then…

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