Jared Jeffries vs. Kris Humphries

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Knicks

Jared Jeffries

Kris Humphries











Although the Knicks gave up some key scorers in Gallo and Chandler, they managed to keep their stud of a role player Landry Fields. As we’ve seen in Miami this season, role players will determine the success of the season just as much as the stars’ performances each night. With that said, I’d like to open up the blog with a post about the value of Jared Jeffries and Kris Humphries. The question is, who’s the better fit for New York?

  1. Jared Jeffries- Okay, so the guy isn’t exactly an offensive threat, but he does have some defensive expertise and versatility which allows him to be a utility player on the defensive end. He’s effective crashing the glass, but he just lacks the size to be a dominant rebounder.
  2. Kris Humphries- Not only does the guy give it to Kim Kardashian, but he bangs the glass as hard as any player in the league. The guy has flat out heart. He does lack the ability to shoot the ball outside the paint, and he cannot guard players who are smaller and quicker than himself. He’s a true, athletic 6’9” who could probably pass as the poor man’s David Lee.

With the Knicks struggling in size and height (the never-ending saga it seems) it only makes sense to bring in a player who can play solid defense against the larger power forwards in the league and GRAB REBOUNDS. With that said Kris Humphries would be an excellent fit for NY… even though his personality is more of a Wally Cleaver.

Thoughts? Comments? Let’s hear ’em!